3 bed DG and CH throughout Internet available


Welcome to Swiftcaranbreaks web page.

Please feel free to view each caravan through either my photo page or if you click onto

Our vans on the Golden Palm are the follwing

PS9. PG15(PET) PG30 (PET)PG31 .PG43 . PG48(PET) PG156. PG157.

S460(PET) ML29. ML46(PET) MV203. All others are managed caravan

Once you have found the caravan of your choice please go to availabily for that caravan.

If you wish to book or make an enquirery  please call 01159133974 or 07973784396, or if you wish send a email. to swiftcaravans@gmail.com

All caravans are 3 bedroom and can sleep upto 8 people, We ask for a £50 non returnable deposite to secure the booking, and the bals 6 weeks before you go,

plus a £50 returnable bond.

On site is a family club seating for 2000 people( pass needed) in door swimming pool pay per session £4.00. Public house serving food all day, shops, fastfood outlets , supermarket, parks.and on a main bus route to skegness, Ingoldmells, and Mablethorpe.

To view the caravans click onto the more button this takes you to the photos of each caravan.

Also for the bigger group we have 6 caravans next door to each other   TP60.TP63(PET) TP49(PET) TP52 TP58 ALL 3 BEDROOM CARAVANS. pg151 deluxe.


PG15 8 berth 3 bed


PS9 8 berth 3 bed

S460. 8 berth 3 bed

PG43 Double glazed central heating 8 berth

TP60. 8 berth 3 bed



TP49. 8 berth 3 bed PET FRIENDLY

TP63. DG 8berth 3 bed PET FRIENDLY

pg32 8 berth

MV148. 8 berth 3 bed PET FRIENDLY


ml29 3 bed deluxe

palm grove 42





PG48 3 bed caravan


03.10.2022 12:01


Thank you so much, Tony, you were very helpful and friendly. The caravan was spacious for the 7 of us, clean and tidy. An enjoyable stay.

03.10.2022 12:15

Anthony Swift

Thats great thanks tony

04.08.2022 13:07


Have you got two 6 berths close to each other available for 27th aug to 3rd sep 2022? If not have you got one?

04.08.2022 13:48

Anthony Swift

Need to check availability for you.

Please send a whats app message to me

31.07.2022 20:50


Hi do you have any availability for august at all thank you

31.07.2022 20:59

Anthony Swift

Hi Sam. Sorry fully booked Thanks tony

28.07.2022 14:42

Stacey wood

Hi looking for 3 bed for mon 29th May 2023 till 5th June?

28.07.2022 18:12

Anthony Swift

I stacey take a look at my vans only 1 booked for the week thanks tony

28.07.2022 09:33


Hi do you have any availability for the 1- 5 august Monday to Friday pls . Regards

28.07.2022 10:11

Anthony Swift

Hi lee. Sorry fully booked Thanks tony

25.07.2022 10:47


Hi! Do you have any availability for a long weekend in august at all? 3 adults 1 3 month old
Thankyou :)

25.07.2022 10:51

Anthony Swift

Have this weekend coming available.
3 bed van
£270 +£50 refundable bond. Thanks tony

23.07.2022 10:08


Am looking for the 5th-12th August please.

23.07.2022 17:04

Anthony Swift

We have 6th to 13th August available.

Thanks tony

21.07.2022 07:48

Karen hughes

Hi have you anything from 31st July for week or part week had a van booked but found out been scammed

21.07.2022 09:40

Anthony Swift

We only do weekly only school holidays how long were you looking for please

20.07.2022 19:58

Tracy Mclatchie

I don't have what's app would like golden palm please

20.07.2022 20:26

Anthony Swift

Send me a friend request on Facebook Tony Swift

20.07.2022 19:48


Do you have 24-30th of October 3 adults and two children

20.07.2022 19:54

Anthony Swift

Hi Tracy yes we do in a few vans available.

Please whats app me on 07973784396 will send over the photos

19.07.2022 21:37

Emma Tilley

Do you have the 13th August to the 20th please

20.07.2022 15:46

Anthony Swift

Also available on Golden palm chapel st leonards

20.07.2022 15:45

Anthony Swift

£550 +£50 refundable bond.

Please whats app me on 07973784396
Tm47 on my website

20.07.2022 15:40

Emma Tilley

How much for deposit please and can I book this

20.07.2022 08:08

Anthony Swift

On Golden Anchor chapel st leonards
8 berth caravan

18.07.2022 17:12


3 adults and 2 four yr olds

18.07.2022 17:15

Anthony Swift

3 bed standard van £520 +£50 refundable bond.

Please whats app me on 07973784396.

Thanks tony

18.07.2022 16:36


Do you have 27 August to 3 rd September please

18.07.2022 17:00

Anthony Swift

How many people is it for please

17.07.2022 15:30

Rosemarie Jackson

Have you got 8 berth pet friendly golden palm 7 nights before 21 aug

13.07.2022 11:11

Jackie Brown

have you got any availability for 23rd-30thjuly please for 2 adults and one baby

17.07.2022 20:31

Anthony Swift

Have a deluxe 6 berth available. Thanks tony

10.07.2022 19:46


Hi do you have availability for 25th-29th July and how much please

11.07.2022 09:33

Anthony Swift

How many people is it for please

05.07.2022 13:49


Do you have anything available this weekend 8-11 for four adults and four children please

05.07.2022 14:20

Anthony Swift

Hi yes we have availability for you.

Please contact me on 07973784396

04.07.2022 09:33

Paul Hancox

Look for a pet friendly 2adult 2 child ....,30th and 31st 2nites

04.07.2022 09:48

Anthony Swift

Unfortunately weekly only from the 16th July till 3rd September

28.06.2022 14:17

Landa plumley

Hi Tony any availability on palm grove weekend 15th to 17th July or 22nd to 25 July
Thanks Landa.

25.06.2022 11:17

Helena Smith

Hello Tony
Please do you have a Caravan free for dates 27th-3rd sept

25.06.2022 11:33

Anthony Swift

Yes have availability for you. 07973784396

13.02.2022 19:35


Hi, are there any 3 bed vans with pull out bed in living room please for 20th-27th August in ingoldmels? Thanks

13.02.2022 20:15

Tony Swift

Yes they do. All my vans are in chapel st leonards

23.09.2021 17:13

Tina brindey

Hi Tony, wondered if TP58 was available Friday 22-24th Oct? If not any other dog friendly vans free. Thanks Tina

23.09.2021 17:18

Anthony Swift

Only tp49 available.

Thanks tony

25.08.2021 13:50

Anne Goodson

Hi do you have a dog friendly caravan for hire
Sept4th or Sept 11th for one wk with a veranda thanks

30.07.2021 12:26

Stephen Na Laurie

Yes. Thank you.

30.07.2021 11:10

Anthony Henry swift

Hi Stephen Have availability

can you call me teatime 07973784396 thanks Tony

30.07.2021 11:08

Stephen Na Laurie

Two adults. Thank you.

30.07.2021 10:24

Stephen Na Laurie

Also Tony a wrap around balcony. Thanks.

30.07.2021 10:57

Anthony Henry swift

Hi Stephen how many people is it for please

30.07.2021 10:22

Stephen Laurie

Hi Tony. Do you have any availability on the 4th September till the 11th. Must be a top of the range caravan. Close to all amenities. For two adults. I booked with you earlier in the year.

14.07.2021 11:25

Sarah hardy

Hi there we met u a few weeks ago and you gave my dad your number, were after a 8 birthday end of August 4 /5 nights Thursday/ Tuesday if you have anything please Sarah

14.07.2021 13:28


Hi Sarah 28th August onwards any good


Thanks tony

14.07.2021 11:26

Sarah hardy

Birth sorry lol

11.06.2021 14:09

Mathew Emeny

Hello. I know it’s a long shot. We have been let down last minute. I am looking for 24-31st of July or 31-st July for 7 nights for 6 people and 2 dogs. Many thanks

11.06.2021 14:11


Hi Sorry we are fully booked for the period in all my pet friendly caravans
Thanks tony

06.06.2021 11:19

Scott athersych

Hi I’m looking for caravan from 17th July anytime onwards after that for around £350-400 max for week

06.06.2021 13:24


All my vans that date start at £450 +£50 refundable bond

06.06.2021 12:49


my vans start at £450 for this week plus £50 refundable bond

06.05.2021 10:29

Bev Conolly

Can you send photos Tony please of the one on P.G with a bath ,I've looked at the others online love

27.03.2021 12:25

Helen Satchwell

Hi have you got a van vacant from July 10 till the 17 th
Thank you

27.03.2021 13:31


I helen i think i just spoke to you yes we do

25.02.2021 13:06

Terina Jenson


03.09.2020 19:50


Do yo have the ML 88 caravan for the 19th Sept for 1week.

03.09.2020 20:12

Tony Swift

Yes we do please contact me on

16.08.2020 19:00

Lisa Mathie

Evening! I was wondering if you have any caravans available for just a 2 night stay from Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd August for a family of 4?

10.08.2020 15:45


Do you have anything available from 14/15 August for 4 adults and 2 children 13 and 11 please

10.08.2020 20:13

Tony Swift

Hi i have a 6 berth available 15th to 22nd available
£400 +£50 refundable bond

08.08.2020 10:27

Ross Preston

hi, im wondering if you have any caravans left to rent in ingoldmells for the bank holiday weekend for 3 night from the 28th of august

08.08.2020 18:31

Tony Swift

All my vans are in chapel st leonards and are booked for the period

28.07.2020 23:18

paula maguire

Does you have availability for 2 over 50s daughter and her boyfriend Friday 31st July till Monday 3rd august. Had a caravan booked but she had double booked so have been let down last minute.

29.07.2020 21:09

Tony Swift


Sorry fully booked for the period

11.07.2020 16:25

Mrs Diana Williamson

Hi I am the mother of Donna the person who was having problems with your friends caravan the one who left the dog out I was wondering if you have any vacancies I have one small dog and the husband lol

01.03.2020 15:49


Hi do you have any of your 8 berth Van's available for 8th-15th August please

01.03.2020 16:55

Tony swift

Hi yes we have standard and deluxe caravans available on the date . 07973784396

29.02.2020 12:42

Maryjane Shanahan III


28.02.2020 13:36

Cherie Smith

Hi. Looking for Chapel accommodation from Friday 10th - Monday 13th April - 2 or 3 bed - prefer spacious (especially double bedroom) and pet friendly (small non moulting westie) - please advise

28.02.2020 14:48

Tony swift

Hi Cherie
I am fully booked in all my vans thanks tony

24.02.2020 09:25

Caitlyn sullings

Hi do you have any for the last week in august please and how much?

24.02.2020 09:27

Tony swift

Yes have availability from £500 upto deluxe caravan £600 +£50 refundable bond

23.02.2020 17:53

Shelly Byoater

Hi do you have anything for easter weekend please ?

23.02.2020 19:46

Tony swift

Only have a 6 berth caravan available.
If you are on whats app will send you photos

23.02.2020 14:00

Tony swift

Yes have availability in a 8 berth caravan £190 +£50 refundable bond

23.02.2020 09:46

Julie russell

You got 30th may to 2nd june please 8 berth

17.02.2020 06:31

Jane Cremin Sr.


13.02.2020 17:11

Brock Daugherty


12.02.2020 03:44

Marcella Runolfsdottir


11.02.2020 08:07

Adan Green


31.01.2020 08:06

Lou Stamm I


30.01.2020 13:04

Bernice Conroy II


30.01.2020 14:43


Can i help

20.01.2020 14:58


Hi do you have a pet friendly van available for 10th to 13th April.

20.01.2020 15:22

Tony swift

Yes have a pet friendly caravan available Easter £180 +£50 refundable bond

Thanks tony tp51 also a deluxe pet friendly S295 at £240 both plus £50 refundable bond

18.01.2020 19:41

German Stiedemann

Bahraini Dinar

16.01.2020 14:08

Mr. Johathan Hauck


15.01.2020 22:52

Avery Conn I


14.01.2020 14:43

Dean Walker

Any of them got shower seats ?

14.01.2020 21:55


Hi no only a ramp and handle in the shower

13.01.2020 09:57

Kasey Ebert


13.01.2020 08:24

Abdiel Wilderman


05.08.2019 23:20


hi, what availability do you have for 3 nights on golden palm ?

06.08.2019 13:42


Hi sorry fully booked

09.08.2018 06:40

Lee Bailey

Hi would you have 2 caravans for Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September please

16.07.2018 14:13

Brian Bamford

had a great week nice clean van great price will go again

09.08.2018 07:10


Morning sorry all my vans are booked till sat 1st Sept

16.07.2018 14:21


Hi Brian can you do me a review please on TripAdvisor all my vans are on there . Thanks Tony.

Glad you have had a good time

11.06.2018 08:14

Margaret Maclaren

Have you any availability late July or early August. We are a party of 5 adults, 4 children and 3 dogs. If necessary we can take 2 caravans.

11.06.2018 13:56

Tony Swift

Hi Margaret i have nothing available for those dates you will neef 2 vans.Thanks tony

15.05.2018 15:27


Hi have you any dates free in August please? Thanks

15.05.2018 18:19

Tony Swift

Have 4th AUGS to 11th.
25th Augs to 1st Sept.
£470 +£50 RETURNABLE bond

06.02.2018 13:11

Elizabeth WMcGlone

Great blog. It has so many impressive post. Thanks a lot for sharing all of this informative articles. Good job and keep it up.


13.10.2017 09:53


Hi Tony,I ve sent you a message about availability from 20/10 to 23/10. Thank you

13.10.2017 16:51


Hi have sent you a revised qoute for you.

29.03.2017 11:41

Sarah asher

Hi. Tony . Just on the off chance would you have a caravan free on the Friday 21/4/17 till Monday 24/4/17 or no off anyone that would be able to help us out .

29.03.2017 13:42


Hi Sarah.
Can I have your details for the booking please.
Email them to swiftcaravans@gmail.com. I will send you mine tony

29.03.2017 13:37

Sarah asher

That's great will get the money sorted and sent to you.

29.03.2017 12:19


Hi Sarah
Can do them dates for you £140 +£50 returnable bond

30.01.2017 21:11


If you still want it call me on 07973784396.

29.01.2017 12:15

Sarah asher

Hello. Not sure if you will remember me had can off you in July last year . Would you have it available again from 1st July for the week it was van TP65 even the van next to it. how much

30.01.2017 21:12


If you want to book call me on 07973784396.

30.01.2017 21:00


Hi Sarah
Yes that week is available at £375. As you have been before £325.

29.01.2017 12:18

Sarah asher

Hello. Had van off you last year . Was hoping you had it free again or even the one next to it. How much for the week as of 1st July .

30.10.2016 20:36

Katrina grange

Just got back from staying at this caravan for the week lovely caravan and site very clean thank you will book again

31.10.2016 09:15

Tony swift

Please text me your details for the bond 07973784396

31.10.2016 09:14

Tony swift

Thank you so much welcome anytime .

23.06.2016 16:07

Binnie Barr

Hi any availability for 3 or 4 nights from 26th August please? 6 or 8 berth please. 4 at a push as we're a family of four (2 young children) but hoping to bring friends. Thank you

23.06.2016 16:10

Tony Swift

Hi there sorry fully booked till Saturday 3rd September. Tony

20.06.2016 22:48

Tony Swift

I do have the 6th to 13th August available in a 6 berth caravan on the golden palm chapel st Leonards

20.06.2016 22:56


Ideally need a 8birth as i have 2girls 2boys myself and partner thank you for offer tho

20.06.2016 22:31


Do u have first week in August available plz for 2adults 4kids

20.06.2016 22:49

Tony Swift

I do have availability for the 6th to 13th August in a 6 berth caravan

07.06.2016 22:49

Tony Swift

On availability is Inot a 6 berth caravans 20th August onwards

07.06.2016 22:17

Tracey nichols

Hi do you have 6th august available for a week

06.02.2016 11:49

Tony Swift

Hi Sarah we do have availability for the week £300 tony

06.02.2016 19:31

Tony swift


06.02.2016 19:30

Tony swift

Sarah can you call me that van is not available have others tony

06.02.2016 19:25

Tony swift

Hi Sarah can do that week for £300 in a 8 Berth .thanks tony

06.02.2016 19:21

Sarah asher

Hi. So would like to book the van mv148 from the Saturday 2nd July to Saturday 9th . How do you want it paying and why would total be .

26.01.2016 08:25

mark Simpson

Av u got the 2nd - 9th april available

06.02.2016 11:45

tony swift

hyi mark sent to the wrong person

06.02.2016 11:43

tony swift

morning we do have availability at £300 for the week. tony

26.01.2016 08:46

Tony Swift

Morning Mark I do have availability for the week in some of my vans if you wish to call me on 07973784396 the week is £260.
Thanks tony

25.01.2016 21:26

nicola wall

How much for a week in August 27 to September 3 for 2 adults n 6 child.

25.01.2016 21:28

Tony Swift

That week is £430 for the week August bank holiday. 3 bedroom 8 berth caravan.

19.01.2016 22:02


Do u have 13th -20th august x

19.01.2016 22:48

Tony Swift

I don't have availability but my friend does 8 berh and 6 berth

19.01.2016 14:27

Tony Swift

All my vans are on the golden palm Chapel St Leonards thanks tony

18.01.2016 20:06


Hiya do you have a caravan available 6-13th August please?

18.01.2016 20:07

Tony Swift

Hi I have 1 van available for the 6th Aug at £460

18.01.2016 19:56


Hi have u got anything for Easter weekend 25 of March to 28th if so how much thanks? Michael

19.01.2016 14:29

Tony Swift

Golden palm Chapel St Leonards

19.01.2016 14:22


What site are they on Tony?

18.01.2016 20:08

Tony Swift

Hi I have 2 vans available for the period £175 for the weekend.

10.01.2016 09:48

Sarah asher

Hi. Do you have18-25 of June or 25-2 July for van in chapel and what price for 3bedroom

06.02.2016 11:32

Sarah asher

Hi . Sorry not got back to you. But would you have a 8berth van on golden palms site from 2-9 July and how much. Thanks

15.01.2016 13:20

Tony swift

hi . i have both dates available £280 both weeks

10.01.2016 15:20

Tony Swift

Ok thanks tony. If you wish to call me 07973784396.

10.01.2016 15:17


Hi. Working away at moment . But when I get back will show in-laws the vans and be in touch

10.01.2016 11:39

Tony Swift

Morning Sarah I have both dates available have you looked at the vans . My be easier to speak please contact me on 07973784396 tony

04.01.2016 14:40

jane mcmahon

Hi do you have 6- 13 August please and what price thanks 3 bedroom

04.01.2016 15:26

Tony Swift

Hi jayne that week is available £470

04.01.2016 15:24

Tony Swift

Hi jayne yes we do have availability depends on the van if you go on the website and go on availability it tells you what's available that week is £450 I think

03.01.2016 22:25

Judith baker


04.01.2016 10:39

Tony Swift

Morning Judith yes I can fit you in if you like to call me on 07973784396 would be better

03.01.2016 18:44

Judith baker


03.01.2016 20:23

Tony Swift

All my vans are modern some have 2 toilets all 3 bedroom caravans

03.01.2016 18:20

Judith baker

I don't mind which of the dog friendly ones

03.01.2016 18:23

Tony Swift

Hi Judith what was the dates you wanted so I can check availability

03.01.2016 18:19

Tony Swift

Hi Judith 2 nights £110 as long as it's not easter

01.01.2016 17:28

Judith sisson

Is this available the week commencing July 29th ?

04.01.2016 20:32

Tony Swift

Hi Judith the caravan is available sat to sat 30th July to the 6th Aug .tony

01.01.2016 18:16

Tony Swift

Also did you want Sat to sat which is 30th to the 6th Aug Sat to Sat

01.01.2016 18:14

Tony Swift

Hi Judith which van are looking for.

20.11.2015 18:25

N clough

Hi do you take dogs in any of your vans?

03.01.2016 18:10

Judith Baker

we are looking for a two night break early in the season about April with 1 small dog - there are just 2 adults

20.11.2015 21:12

Tony Swift

Yes tp25 and s460 both pet friendly ones

04.11.2015 20:44

Jo Cox

Hi where are you and how much for August next year

03.01.2016 18:11

Judith Baker

How much for a two night stay with 1 dog

04.11.2015 20:47

Tony Swift

Hi we are on the golden palm Chapel St Leonards. All 8 berth caravans. £470. 23RD July through to 27th Aug.

28.08.2015 17:35


Hi do you have 30 may to 3rd june plz if so how much thankyou

27.09.2015 20:11

tony swift

Good evening yes we have that available in all vans at the moment 4 nights 5 days £170 all vans are 8 berth. tony

23.08.2015 13:26


Hi do you have the bank holiday weekend available at all please

23.08.2015 13:30

t swift

Hello no Sorry fully booked till 12th sept

26.07.2015 13:46

Sharon Whapplington

Hiya do you have anything available for Thursday 13th August to Monday 17th August please

26.07.2015 13:52

Tony Swift

Hi there sorry fully booked till 29th August

11.01.2015 16:31

Tony Swift

Hi All please go to each van for availabiliy